{NEWS} ShineeWorld lost Shinee after the date of August 9

August 10, 2009 at 8:37 PM 4 comments


Sad news came from hold artists SM, the most distressing news for the ShineeWorld. on 9 August of the end of the campaign during this Juliette them. we no longer can see their performance on stage music core, music, and bank inkigayo held from Friday until the week. Day of week to witness the end of the promo with their mini album Juliette.

In addition, there are also other news. Shinee conduct interviews with the magazine Screen. This interview was long, but I want a new post now mianhae .. .. chingu-chingu ! And this is the result of their interview.

– What idol mean for you during this?

onew: many new things. And we must learn from experience

taemin: idol means we must be more diligent to improve
themselves. I am very grateful for any support given to our community.

jonghyun: we receive a lot of love. Thank you ~

Key: we can be grateful for the trust given to show who Shinee

Minho: beatific. As an artist I learned many new things

– Who your idol stars???

Onew: sunbae BoA-every view I feel want to learn be more again

Taemin: now I have not understand

Jonghyun: H.O.T sunbae! I know a lot about them and want to learn from them

Key: Many. H. OT, SES, BOA, DBSK and sunbae

Minho: DBSK and Super Junior sunbae! Great as I want them, if they can be as great, how happy life!

– From what you have, what makes you proud of your self?

Onew: I am older than Taemin ~

Taemin: my old

Jonghyun: Onew, because I am more of a young

Key: my honesty ..

Minho: Key, he is our parents ..

– What place  can make you happy?

Onew: Above the stage, Shall you with us on stage?

Taemin: In the TV station ^ ^

Jonghyun: Movies

Key: a place where Shinee World who came to Key World … LOL

Minho: Stage Shinee the front

-Like character in the film that what you describe of?

Onew: August in the film August Rush

Taemin: Harry Potter! I can not magic!

Jonghyun: Gyun-woo in a movie my sassy girl

Key: Joker in Dark Night

Minho: Lee Byung Hyun characters in My Life bittersweet
– What will you say to people who want to be artists?

Onew: Spirit! We dream big!

Taemin: They certainly can if you serious .. fighting!

Jonghyun: Do not give up

Key: Answer me with the same Jonghyun Hyung, do not despair!

Minho: if I, “If you do not give up on dreams, you will surely get what you dreamed of”

– During the training words what makes you laugh / cry?

Onew: I remember the words that make me laugh, “the voices are very good you sing and talk!”

Taemin: I am laughing because of this sentence, “You will get your dream!”

Jonghyun: To become an artist I need to gather all the confidence in myself. I have a lot of laughing and crying for it.

Key: I laugh when friends say something like this, “You look like the artist, and now you really look like the artist”

Minho: no. indeed! I often praise myself, but I often criticize the lack

Shinee properly complete. They claim one at a time of their lives. Onew feel the spirit when hearing the cry of the fans, are feeling more Taemin his adrenalin when he saw horror film. When will they not be Shinee again, they have their own dream-sendiri.Jonghyun want to become a composer, Key wants to be Mc / Dj, and Minho want to be a soccer player .. LOL ..

source : allkpop

credit: SHINeeLovers♡


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4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. shineelovers  |  August 10, 2009 at 9:17 PM

    Thanks for sharing this news unnie 🙂

  • 2. diantaekey  |  August 10, 2009 at 10:12 PM

    u r welcome…..
    sbnrnya nih berita dah lumayan lama..tp baru kesampeasn postingan skrng dah….hiihii

    • 3. shineelovers  |  August 10, 2009 at 10:15 PM

      onnie ktnya mo post foto JH pas di Sukira ‘Hahaha Festival’
      kok nda jd?

  • 4. dalin  |  August 11, 2009 at 11:43 AM

    after reading this text, it makes me feel they seem to have another goal of life.


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