{NEWS} SHINee Onew, “JaeBum will definitely come back”

September 12, 2009 at 2:30 PM Leave a comment

Amidst of the criticisms against 2PM JaeBum, SHINee member Onew comes out to say, “JaeBum will definitelycome back” getting the attention from fans and netizens.

SHINee Onew has recently posted up a message to a fan about 2PM JaeBum who has left 2PM and also Korea on 8th September recently 4 days after the controversy from the revelation of his pre-debut messages posted on MySpace.

He wrote on UFOTown site, “JaeBum will definitely come back, himnae! 2PM is 7 members after all” when a fan posted a message to him “Oppa…What will happen to JaeBum, this is unbelievable”.

source: K Bites
credit: SHINeeLovers♡


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