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SHINee Arena 37°Interview

© Magazine Scan by nati; Translation by winkme
“We are glad to be able to become part of the group because we’re five people who were together since the trainee days”

SHINee does the “JAPAN 1st mini live and fan meeting” in Nakano Sun Plaza on August 10. It was their first time in Japan and their first performance. Furthermore, the members announced their first solo performance on stage for the first time. We interviewed them for their first appearance of this magazine and bind as a theme.We will understand how they first formed and their roots.

“Comparing at the beginning, we are able to show out our true colors little by little.”

Q: This time, since it’s your “first time” we would like to hear your “When _ _ for the first time” as a theme topic. First of all, Please let me hear your memories when everybody gathered for the first time as SHINee.

Minho: Since before debut and as a trainee, we really get along very well. The first time we gathered as SHINee until now, we don’t change.

Q: It was often that you’re all together since your trainee days?

Onew: We are always together. Like eating out together…

Q: After you finished practicing, do you also go back altogether?

Taemin: Yes it is. Since we all stayed together in the dormitory, we are all together time to time.
Key: We’re all five. I’m so glad when it’s decided that I’m being part of the group. I don’t have to be worried with our team work.
Jonghyun: Since the beginning I’m so excited. I got the feeling where “from now on, it’s our time to start!”

Q: Do you still remember when you went to the stage for the first time as SHINee?

Jonghyun: I absolutely remember. I’m so nervous before going on the stage but when I went to the stage it was fun.
Onew: My family even came to see me. We just debuted but many fans were cheering for us. I was very happy.
Key: I also don’t even forget that moment.

Q: If you see your first debut performance, it was just 1 year ago; do you feel any changes now?

Taemin: I think we changed. At first I think there’s a part were we doesn’t go well…
Jonghyun: Our hairstyle is even different.
Key: I need to say this from myself, I think we got matured. We are able to show out our true colors little by little.

Q: So there’s a big growth just for 1 year. By the way, do you call your members before going to the stage?

Jonghyun: All 5 of us call.
Key: Since our first stage performance until now that doesn’t change.
Taemin: We shout like “Fighting!”

“When we received our first CD I felt mysterious.”

Q: Then as follows, do you remember when your first CD was completed and received it?

Key: I can’t believe that even the CD is not out yet, I received it directly. When I received the CD, I thought to myself, “Is it really fine!? Is it really fine?!”I remembered when I felt mysterious when receiving the CD. Every time when our CD, DVD and Photo book will come out, I will not open the cover but just keep it. That’s how important our thing is.
Minho: I’m same as Key, I can’t believe at first. When I received the CD at that time,
I strongly thought to me that “I should work hard more!” It shows our hard work since our trainee days until now.
Taemin: As for me, I’m still starting. I thought that I should work harder too.
It was my dream to reach this and now I achieved. I always think of the next goal.

Q: How about Jonghyun goon? Where is your first CD now?

Jonghyun: It’s in our home. I keep it safely, it’s the most important and I treasure this 1 piece.
Onew: The first CD was our first recording at that time so I felt that our voice was a little different but our hard works were here. For us it has a lot of memories so I treasure this piece.

Q: Now let’s talk about the next “first time”, How about SHINee cried for the first time?

Onew: I cried when we finished our very first performance on stage. I felt touched.
Minho: Also, I cried when I heard that “Juliette” was no.1 in Korea.

Q: Do you cry altogether or cry separately?

Jonghyun: I think we don’t cry together, what do you think?
Key: Because each of the members has different feelings of happiness…

Q: By the way, who is the person who shows out his feelings the most?

Taemin: Jonghyun
Key & Onew: It is so (laughs)
Jonghun: Yes, I think so (laughs)

Q: Now, it’s your first visit in Japan, Can you tell us what you learned and what words you remember?

Minho: Our stay in Japan was very short so we don’t have time to remember those words but I knew that there are passionate fans out there. And then, I also knew that we even have several older fans who cheered for us, I was so impressed.
Taemin: It was remaining impressive to me that our fans that looked and cheered for us warmly are like a girl with pure feelings. I also knew this time that even we have younger fans, we also have older fans.

Q: By the way, how was your first food in Japan?

Taemin: Takoyaki, It was very delicious! (Laughs). I also ate “tonkatsu and sushi.” I ate a lot.
(Do you really ate a lot Taeminnie?!!!)

Q: Jonghyun goon what Japanese words do you learned this time?

Jonghyun: (While noisily playing his legs/foot?) umm…It might be, I knew the word “Konbanwa” even before. Also, “Arigatou”(Thank you), “Sumimasen”(Sorry), “Oishii” (Delicious) Ah, I learned just before the word “Takoyaki Oishii!” (Takoyaki is delicious) (Laughs)

Q: What do you think of your Japanese fans?

Jonghyun: Pure feeling and listen to our songs well. How will I explain it, they look like a girl.., they think of the lyrics, feel the nuance and cheer for us. It’s very impressing.
(He thinks that Japanese fans listen to their songs calmly while they are performing on stage.)

Q: Now Key goon, any Japanese words you learned?

Key: Recently, actually at yesterday’s event, I told to the woman and called her “obaasan” (older woman, ajumma), and I heard that it’s impolite to call her “obaasan”. I learned that it’s correct to call “Oneesan” (older sister, noona)
(I was in the fan meeting and I heard Key called the fan who is around in her 60’s said “Obaasan” to her LOL. There is a corner where SHINee teaches Juliette’s dance choreo, all of us stood up and dance XD Key spotted her and said “The ajumma there is so good at dancing!” OK, I laughed so hard because here in Japan, it’s impolite to call somebody like that. So the MC said to Key that call her noona instead of ajumma lols. Key’s expression was so cute XD he looked shocked haha!

Q: That is important (Laughs). I thought that Key goon spoke a lot of Japanese words at yesterday’s fan meeting.

Key: Everyday, I learned a little by little. I love watching Japanese dramas and variety shows. I’m learning while watching the program.
(he talked about 1 litre of tears again and he loves it.)

Q: How about Onew goon, Japanese words you learned?

Onew: “Konbanwa” and “Gochisou sama deshita”.

Q: Do you eat delicious foods?

Onew: (In Japanese) “Obento ga sugoku oishi katta desu!” (The Obento was really delicious)
(Wow, I didn’t know that Onew can speak Japanese well!)

Q: Do you remember your first present from your fans?

Jonghyun: I remember. I received in the fan signing event. I received from a lot of fans and I don’t forget it. The most impressive was the fan art.
Onew: Handmade presents were also a lot. Our hearts were touched so I’m so happy.

Q: Since all of you have different characteristics, the gifts are also different from each member?

Jonghyun: Yes it is. I know whose present is this for just seeing once.

Q: For example, Cute stuffs?

Key: I think it’s for Taemin. Cute characters and dolls are almost for Taemin right.

Q: By the way, How about Key goon?

Key: In my situation, KEY. I really have a lot of KEYS.
(Poor Key honey haha XD, by the way I bought a Key printed T-Shirt for his birthday and planning to give him in the Osaka event ‘_’ More KEY’S coming key baby! )

Q: I see (Laughs); now let me know the moments where all of you get along well?

Jonghyun: Neither even in daily life nor in stage, we support each other. Not just a moment but I always feel the existence of the other members.

Q: Since you’re always together for a long time, you don’t need to talk him and know each other feelings?

Onew: We know just by glance.
Key: The teamwork is absolutely necessary, from moment to moment of the member’s feelings. As a team from now on, I would like to deepen our bonding more.

source : shineee.net
translated by : winkme@SFI
credit : shineee.net
shared by : SHINeeLovers♡


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