{NEWS} SHINee’s Fan-meeting Attracts Over 1500 Fans in Taiwan

September 21, 2009 at 3:14 PM Leave a comment

South Korean boyband SHINee arrived in Taiwan for the second time last night, promoting for their newest mini-album. Back with new dance routines and playing games with their fans, the SHINee fanmeet attracted more than 1500 Taiwanese female fans.

SHINee arrived in Taiwan via Thailand yesterday afternoon, and greeted both the press and fans pleasantly with their trademark “Hello everyone, we’re Shining SHINee!”

SHINee is scheduled to stay in Taiwan for only 25 hours, and after hastily taking a Korean style lunch in their hotel shortly after arrival, the five boys immediately rushed to the location of the fanmeet without managing to take a bite of their favourite xiaolongbao (small bite-sized dumplings with chives + meat) first.

The scale of the event was comparable to that of their sunbaes, Super Junior, when they were in Taiwan for the Golden Melody Awards, and the fact that fans had started queuing up as early as 4AM in the morning did give SHINee a shock.

The five members were still relatively shy when introducing themselves in Chinese, but the fans’ high energy during the game was infectious, and Onew even fed the lucky winner a slice of mooncake, eliciting loud screams from the jealous fans downstage.

The boys also played song titles guessing with the fans, and Taemin, along with Jonghyun, who lost the game, took photos with the lucky winners.

The members all professed that they would be spending the Mooncake Festival (Chuseok in Korea) with their families and will be, according to tradition, making songpyeon to mark the occasion.

The fans also took the opportunity to celebrate Key’s 18th birthday in advance, with a cake and two candles atop, and everyone sang the birthday song for him in unison. When asked what was his birthday wish, Key replied that he just wanted everyone around him to be fine and happy, along with having their wishes come true.

In return for the fans’ passion, SHINee did their best during the performance of their songs , and new single . The fanmeet ended in wild cheers from the fans, for their idols.

Source: UDN, Yahoo! TW 1, 2
Translations: hazel@asianfanatics
Credit: ♥ KPOP JJANG 짱
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