{INFO} Conspiracy between the fan clubs? SNSD vs SHINee?

October 7, 2009 at 6:25 PM 4 comments

Remember last year’s Dream Concert when the combined forces of TVXQ / DBSK, SS501 and Super Junior fan clubs (Cassiopeia, Triple S and E.L.F.) decided to give SNSD / Girls’ Generation the silent treatment while they were performing? It looks like some people tried to stir the pot up once again and told others to do the same this year – but ended up making their own favorite artist(s) look pretty bad.

Yiseul is a manager of a small (around 5,000 members) Naver cafe dedicated to SHINee. On October 3rd, Yiseul decided to write a notice on the cafe that read as follows:

“Hello, this is manager Yiseul. Dream Concert is coming up on the 10th, and of course, SHINee will be on the stage. Today I am writing to tell you about “SNSD silence.” Fans of SNSD, also known as Sotakus (note: a derogatory term), caused grief to other fan clubs even after 2008 Dream Concert, and their disruptive behavior still continues in 2009. They’re doing things such as making anti cafes, hacking accounts of fan club managers, hacking for access to various fan club chatting rooms and much more. It’s time that the SHINee world take a stand. If you’re a member of an SNSD fan club, please quit. If you’re going to be present at this year’s Dream Concert, please turn off your glow stick and keep silent during SNSD’s performance. Sotakus are males, and because they are so arrogant all they have to show is their strength. Let us teach Sotakus of their foolishness. There is no need for sympathy just because we are all a part of SM. Please share this with fan clubs of other bands that will take part in Dream Concert.”

The notice not only talks down on SNSD and their fans, it also contains obvious sexism; overall, the notice is just asking for blood. Fortunately, SHINee fans didn’t buy it – the notice was greeted with satirical messages from SHINee fans telling the manager not to make other fans look so bad. Some members doubted that this was even the real Yiseul. So some decided to get in contact with the management in real life and they found out that the supposed manager who posted the above notice was in fact an impostor. Now, who was / is this impostor and what was his/her motivation behind their action? Well, here’s a twist. It turns out that the impostor was actually a member of Big Bang and 2NE1 fan cafes! The blame has naturally shifted to YG fans, with people accusing YG fans for trying to cause a fight / dissension between fans of SM’s bands. With HOTTESTs blaming Big Bang fans for leading anti-Jaebeom movement (in order to reduce media attention on G Dragon‘s plagiarism controversy), some VIP’s have appeared to have made new enemies. Source: dcnews.in Rodney King said it best in 1992: “Can we all get along?”

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  • 1. dalin  |  October 7, 2009 at 8:09 PM

    I cant say this is true or what? if it’s so, i think it’s not really good. As shinee fan…., i can understand that other fans just want to have fun, everyone want to be happy. Why some people want to make others unhappy?
    i support SHINEE because they are talent, and i can also support other singer group because they are also good singers… oh em… it’s not a big ideal…, in my opinion, let’s have fun together in Dream Concert….Sharing love to the world then we all will receive love back by somehow.
    By the way, i can think that it’s their technical skill to get more attention from all the fan to care of them….. no matter what they do, i feel i can understand it. And i still love and support Korean singers just like American singers. I love you all, Singers make people(their fans) happy with their song. ^_^

  • 2. Minholic  |  October 7, 2009 at 11:38 PM

    Yeah, i’m agree with u ! ^_^

  • 3. sodahead  |  October 8, 2009 at 11:27 AM

    Wow this is just disturbing. Im a fan of pretty much all the groups named. Its unbearable to watch people make such fools of themselves by trying to make anti’s it saddens me that this was from somebody from the YG fan side. Disappointed seriously.

  • 4. Becca-Chan  |  May 9, 2010 at 7:55 PM

    whoa thats just dumb like cant people get along but wait what happened with the G-Dragon plagiarism thing?


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